Proof Reading & Copy-Editing

We don’t just publish work, but we also support writers looking to self-publish. We do this by offering to edit and proof read your manuscript. In the last year we’ve provided these support services on four separate books. Take a look at our case study to see how this process works.

Case Study – Cold Dead Cosplay by Fiona Angwin

An accomplished writer and storyteller, Fiona wanted to publish her books through Kindle Direct Publishing. She contacted us to help her format, proof-read and edit her book before submitting it to KDP.

Step 1: We took Fiona’s manuscript and altered the formatting of the document to be more easily ingested by KDP’s system. For her 135 page manuscript, this process took just half a day.
Step 2: Proof-reading came next. We carried out three passes of the document each separated by a day to ensure that each proof reading pass was done with fresh eyes. This process took two working days over a period of a week.
Step 3: We take a collaborative approach to editing, so this meant spending a few hours marking up a document with comments that were reviewed over a phone call with Fiona. During a two hour phone call we went through every area that we believed would benefit from rewording or removing. This process took a further half day.

Once we’d completed these three steps, we prepared the finalised version of the manuscript and returned it to Fiona. From beginning to end, around twenty-four hours, or four three working days were spent on this project.

What Fiona had say about our process:

Martin is an excellent editor, the process is smooth and collaborative , and his comments and suggestions are always about making the book the best it can be. It’s a pleasure to work with him, the finished product is one you can be proud of, and I would certainly use him (his services) again.

Check out the finished product here: